Welcome to our PWN4PWN website.

We are a patient organization for people with narcolepsy (PWN).
We help PWNs to cope with the feelings of isolation their health problems might cause.
Furthermore, we share medical experiences and possible solutions to common problems PWNs encounter.

PWN4PWN is here to help you deal with emotional and mental topics related to narcolepsy. We like to connect you to other PWNs.
In our support network, you can discuss these topics and share information.

Narcolepsy remains an underfunded and under-researched disorder. Little information is available to PWNs and the general public. With PWN4PWN, we want to help raise awareness of narcolepsy.

To do this, we inform you about the latest narcolepsy facts and news, and update you on our projects.

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Medical disclaimer: You should always discuss any medical information, advice, or shared experiences on PWN4PWN with your medical professional before implementing them. We are not responsible or liable for any harm caused by the information on PWN4PWN.