For Those of You Who Do Not Know
(A Poem about my Narcolepsy, to raise awareness) ❤

Those deep and dreamless sleeps are few and far between,
But I can pick and choose the path inside my lucid dream

A daytime nap included is not to pass the time,
But a necessary nuisance to get through and to shine

The silent night time wonder or the witching hour scream,
A sudden midnight craving is another common scene

Night and day are intertwined so seem to be the same,
Memories either stay or go, I may not recall your name

With excitement comes the jelly legs or lying on the floor,
But this is not me sleeping, I’m still as aware as I was before

For those of you who do not know, I ask you to please not make,
Your usual clouded judgements, not just for my own sake

You never know what lies beneath in others or yourself one day,
Do not take your health for granted, for it may well be taken away

Rachel Rothwell

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