About Us

PWN4PWN, which stands for People With Narcolepsy for People With Narcolepsy, has been started after a discussion in one of the N related Facebook groups. There is a lot to do about raising awareness for Narcolepsy but only a little for PWN themselves.
Too many PWN are struggling with mental issues caused by all drastic changes in their lives.
Until now all these consequences are underestimated by the medical world and less paid attention to.

Therefor Jane E. Powell, Katie Morena and Feri Ascencion started this organization to help the ones that need it the most. In the mean time we reinforced our team with Kristalyn Rivkah Frey for her VA knowledge and Rebecca Everett as parent of a Child With Narcolepsy. Our board for 2017 will continue with Jane, Rebecca, Feri and Daniel Liss as new boardmember.

We all will try to reach out to the isolated ones and inform them how they could do things differently to get a more positive view on life again. Communication, information, time management and prioritizing will be part of our tools in this quest. Further more we will hand out products like the medical information card and leaflets for newly diagnosed people so they will know how to reach us and other PWN.