* This poem is based on one of my terrifying vivid dreams prior to my Narcolepsy diagnosis

By Daniel Liss

I am standing at the Edge

Looking over into the Never.

Forces calling to me.

I try to resist the temptation to jump,

But the forces are overpowering.

The forces pull me back and back.

I have the feeling of hands.

Hands pushing me to run.

As I near the edge the hands lift my body

I have been thrown,

Thrown into the Never.

Falling, falling, falling through the Never.

The feeling to scream is so overpowering.

I try to scream but no sounds emerge.

My sense of sight has been taken.

I hear voices coming from all around,

Voices from my past.

Voices that have tormented me.

I try to force the voices from my head,

But they are too intense.

Falling deeper, deeper, and deeper into this Never

Pressure building around my body.

The pressure has paralyzed me.

I feel the hands pulling me down faster.

My body goes into a flat spin.

Spinning and falling faster and faster.

The voices continue to torment my mind.

Voices from my childhood past.

I hear the voices of my parents

Disciplining me for things I have done wrong.

I can feel the tears pouring down my cheeks.

I can feel the burning of my eyes,

But I cannot see a thing.

For the wind dried out my eyes.

I still try to scream but no sounds escape my lips.

The force of gravity on my body is so intense.

All of the sudden I feel my body stop.

I am hovering in the Never.

My eyes begin to water

As my sense of sight returns.

The scenery begins to blur

I look and see a vast open space.

Still my body is spinning faster and faster.

I begin falling once again, slower this time.

The spinning begins to slow.

I can see the ground now,

But I am still thousands of feet up.

I am falling faster once again,

But whatever forces brought me here

Want me to see the ground.

For the wind is no longer drying my eyes.

The voices have stopped tormenting my mind

For I now have my sense of sight.

Sounds finally emerge from my lips and,

I let out an ear wrenching scream.

The ground is coming towards me faster and faster.

It is at this moment that I wish I could no longer see.

I try to close my eyes,

But the forces won’t let me.

At this moment I am only feet from my death.

The pain is so great.

I can see the ground now

It resembles a face.

That face is mine.

As I get ever closer the face begins

To talk to me.

It says “This is The Edge to The Never”

As I fall into its open mouth

I awake in my bed in a pool of sweat.

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